Nail Measurement Guide

How to Measure Your Nails


Step 1:

Soft Tape Measure: Hold the measuring tape or ruler horizontally across the widest point of your natural nail. Make sure you use the millimeter side, and not the inches side. If you're in between lines, round up to the next line. If you have flatter nail beds, add 1mm/1.0cm to your measurements(for very flat nail beds add 2!)

  • Make sure to measure ALL TEN fingers. It’s common to have different measurements on each hand.
  • An average thumb usually measures anywhere from 16mm to 18mm.

Hard Ruler: Place Scotch tape around the widest part of your nails and use a pen to mark your side walls. Remove the tape and lay it on a flat surface to measure with a ruler.


Step 2:

Next, specify which nail shape you would like in the products page.

Step 3:

Take note of the nail length of the stick-ons you would like.