❦Mother’s Day Special❦

meep       “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” –  Abraham Lincoln ;A very impactful quote indeed, that reminds us that we only have one Mother and we should not take her for granted.

Tired of doing cliché activities such as bringing your Mum to dinner or getting her gifts? Don’t you just want to surprise your Mommy to something a little more unique this year? Well, then this is the right entry for you!  

       With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, GlitzyFingers would like to celebrate this festive occasion with you! From the 1st to 11th of May 2014, Mummies enjoy 50% off gel manicure*.  

        Simply pre-book a slot together with your Mom along to enjoy this fantastic offer!    

Contact me Belle @81007353 to book an appointment now! Limited slots available! *

*Terms and Conditions applies




What’s for April

Everyone knows that this month is the most light hearted of all. When it comes to the empire of gel art, the origins of April Fools’ Day do not apply. Presenting to you this month’s compilation of Nail Designs, mainly showcasing the designs comprising of large variations of colour and style too cool to be true  . Enjoy! 🙂

Chanel inspired + Nail Designs + Nail Art + Nailoftheday + Classic Nails + Chanel Nails + GelishNails + Pretty Nails + Black and White Nails + Sgnails + Nail parlour + Pretty Nails +  Cute Nails + Sparkly Nails + Geometric Nails

Black x white Chanel inspired 

Panda Nails + Nude Nails + Gel Art + GelishDesigns + Gelish Nails + Sg Nails + Nailoftheday + Pretty Nails + Nailgasm + Nailporn + Nail Designs + Pretty Nails + Neutral Nails + Nailart + Manicure + 3D Nails Art + Gel Designs + Hand Drawn + Hand Painted
3D Panda x Nude Tone 

Hand Drawn + Hand Painted + Chrome Hearts inspired + Pretty Nails + Black Nail Designs + Nail Parlour + Manicure + Nail Art + Nail Designs + Cool Nails + trendy Nails + Nail of the day + Nailart + Pretty Nails + Cute Nails + Studded Nails + Nailgasm + Nailporn

B&W Cool Vibes

Cute Nails + Bunny  Nails + Nail Design + Nail Art + Gel Nails + Acrylic Nails + Pink Room Nails + Polkadot Nails + Trendy Nails + Singapore Nails + Nailpro + Nailartist + Nail Art + Polkadot Nails + Hello Kitty Nails + Nailstagram
Spot the blue kitty?

Chanel Inspired nails + Chanel Nails + Nail Designs + Nail Art + Nail Patterns + Nail Trends + Pretty Nails + Cute Nails + Cool Nails + Handdrawn + Hand painted + Nail Designs + Nail of the day + Studded Nails + Nail Parlour + Sgnails + Nail Singapore + Nail Gallery + Girly Nails
Be Glamorous  with Chanel

Tinted Glass Nails + Red Nails + Nail Designs + Pink Nails + Girly Nails + Sparkly Nails + Studded Nails + Glittering Nails + Cute Nails + Simple Nail Designs + Hand Drawn + Hand painted + Nail of the day + Sg Nails + Singapore Nails + Nail Parlour + Gel Nails + Gel Art
Simple and Girly


Poker Nails + Card Nails + Card Nail Designs + Cool Nail Designs + Pretty Nail Designs + Studded Nails + Checkered Nails+ Glittering Nails + Shiny Nails + Poker Card Nails + Hand Drawn + Hand Painted + Gel Nails + Nailoftheday + Cool Nails  + Gelish Designs + Nail Art
Hocus Pokers 

Pastel Nails + Pink Nails + Blue Nails + Unicorn Nail Designs + Unicorn Nail Art + Hand Drawn + Hand Painted + Studded Nails + Green Nails + Girly Nails + Pretty Nails + Cute Nails + Nail Parlour + Nice Nails + trendy Nails + Horse Nails + Cartoon Nails + Polkadot Nails + Nailoftheday + Nailstagram
Unicorn Wonderland

Stained Glass Nail Designs + Nail Designs + Stained Glass Nail Art + Shiny Nails + Black Nails + Mosaic Nails + Studded Nails + Sparkly Nails + Pretty Nails + Cool Nails + SgNails + Nailoftheday + Cute Nails  + trendy Nails + Nail Designs + Nail Art + HandDrawn + Hand Painted + Nailgasm
Stained Glass x Studs 

Flowers x Gold Studs 



Glitzy Fingers’ Giveaway 2014

Hello my fellow girlies! Good news! Glitzy Fingers has specially put together a giveaway session for the first time in the year 2014! The aim for this giveaway is to  walk down memory lane to reminisce about our past customers who were satisfied with their ideal nail art, as well as to inspire others to think more creatively. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you for your ardent support over the years!


Giveaway + Contest + Prize + Nail Art + Nail Acrylic + Nail Design + SgNail + InstaNails +



Giveaway + Contest + Nail Art + Nail Design + SgNails

Thus,  as at 19 April 2014 (Saturday) , we are organising a Photo Contest to give away a Pandora bracelet of YOUR choice! Joining this contest is simple as 1, 2, 3!

What you need to do to be a part of this contest:

 1.  Take a snapshot of your gel nails done by us, and send them to +65 8100 0190 via WHATSAPP, 

or you can

2.  Upload it at www.campaign.com/GlitzyFingers


3. Once done, SHARE  your photo with your friends and get them to vote for your photo!

The photo with the maximum number of votes will be crowned the winner and will be notified by us personally. For more information regarding this contest, do refer to the terms and conditions here.

Contest ends on Sunday, 11th May 2014, 11.59pm.

So what are you waiting for???? Get your fingers ready and be a part of the giveaway!