3 different designs for 3 different girls

Glenna got my contact through GlitzyFingers Facebook page ..
She enquired and wanted her nails to be black , red and gold .
I excluded the red as it will look a little weird .
Here’s the final result ~


Was super happy as she told me it’s better than imagined . (:

My ex colleague came to look for me had choose a simple design :


Hope she like it ~

And ….
It’s YanLing’s third visit ! We took super long to decide on the design . Think it turned out not bad . (:


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Healthy Nails After Removal

Have been hearing stories lately that Gel Polish are harmful to our natural nails ..

Some says that it weaken and thins our nails ,

Others think that having polish on our nails for too long is harmful ..


Well , i took a series of pictures to show you guys how my nails are after removal .


My Nails 2 weeks back :

Gelish + Red + Nails + Ribbons + Glittered

Glitzy Fingers : Velvety Red Nails


Removal Process :

1) File off top coat

Gelish + Removal

Glitzy Fingers : Gelish Removal Process


2) Soak-Off with Gelish Remover

*Soak Off Gel Remover has conditioning additives that keep the skin from drying and maintain a healthy nail.

GELISH Soak Off Gel Remover will remove the Soak Off Gel Polish with proper application in 10 minutes or less


Gelish + Soak off + Removal

Glitzy FIngers : Gelish Soak-Off Process


3) Lightly Scrape Off

Gelish + Removal + Soak Off

Glitzy FIngers : Gelish Removal


4) Buffing and Conditioning

Heallthy + Nails + Gelish + Removal + Soak Off

Glitzy Fingers : Nails After Gelish Removal

I have never had nails growing that long !

And the best part is , it’s still strong and healthy ! 😀

The New Craze : GEL POLISH !

Frustrated over your newly painted nails ?

Chipping ?

Peeling ?

Smudging ?

GEL POLISH is what you need !!!

Traditional Polish

~ Needs frequent touch up

~ Smells

~ Annoying drying time

~ Chips off real quickily

~ Non-lasting shine

~ Stains your natural nails

Gel Polish

~ Odourless

~ High shine without fading

~ Dries immediately

~ No staining

~ No chipping

~ No peeling

~ Last up to 3 weeks

What’s more ? It doesn’t damage your natural nails !

Come and try it for yourself and you will be surprised with the results !

Chanel Inspired Nails

Emilia came for her second set of gelish . This time , she showed me a photo from cynful nails and requested for the same design ..
I then changed the hand drawn chanel logo into that awesome bling .

Surprise surprise !

Impressive results ya ?


Glitzy Fingers : Chanel Inspired Gelish Nails

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Velvety Red Nails

Hey girls !
Sorry for the lack of updates .
Wanna show you guys my own nails for this month and also some other manicure i did for my clients .

My Nails :


Red + 3D + Embossed + Glitter + Gelish + Manicure + Ribbons

Gelish Manicure with Embossed Art : $55

Other nail designs :


Gelish + Pastel + Leopard + Nails + Manicure




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